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MCI Data Centre - Sydney Australia


In addition to the standard security measures provided by the building management, MCI has employed three additional lines of defence for the security of the customer's equipment.

Access Control

  • All entry and exit routes into and out of the building have heavy-duty doors and locks are fitted with electronic card activated door access control. This access control allows full flexibility to limit access to times of the day, days of the week and to specific areas.

  • Secure environment with access only to authorised and qualified personnel.

  • 24 hour x 7 day instant access to a pre-agreed list of customer technicians.

  • Duress alarm to the local New South Wales Police.

CCTV Monitoring

  • All sensitive areas of MCI installations and customer racks are monitored 24 hours per day by a sophisticated CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) system. These are recorded and archived for a period of 31 days.

  • In common areas each aisle is monitored by at least one camera.

Anti Intrustion

  • Anti intrusion devices detect and alarm all vulnerable services and installations.

AC Power Distribution

Uninterruptible Power Supply - 500kVA

850 KVA Diesel Dual 48V

48V DC Power Supply

Power Redundancy

Power to the MCI Data Centre is rigorously engineered to maintain availability and continuity of power to both MCI's and customer's equipment.

  • Dedicated power is supplied by an Energy Australia substation from a resilient high voltage mains ring with diverse routing independent of the standard building power supply.

  • Power is connected to independent, but integrated, "A" and "B" main switchboards. Two separate power reticulation systems are used for enhanced redundancy.


  • Highly resilient and diverse power supplies to the site via two separate building feeds minimise power outage in the event that one feed completely fails.

Emergency Power Backup

  • The facilities employ both AC and DC power systems. Both these systems have been designed for a minimum 5 days autonomy period at full load, by way of a diesel generator and battery supplied backup.

  • This means all the critical network management, control equipment and customer's equipment has the comfort of sustained back-up power.

  • Emergency power is provided to all key areas in the data centre, MCI equipment and all customer racks. The generator is tested on a monthly basis using a simulated load in order to ensure it is able to produce required current outputs.

  • A UPS battery (AC & DC) supply, plus the emergency generators backup


  • The combination of emergency generators and battery backup minimises the possibility of services being disrupted by a mains power failure.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Building Management and Equipment Monitoring

This MIMIC Panel is a backup for the computer based Building Management, Security, Power Generation and Fire Systems
  • MCI utilises a sophisticated Building Management System to monitor all the technical, security and Mechanical and Electrical facilities in the building including power, lighting, air-conditioning, water etc. This system is monitored 24hours x 7 days, by on site security personnel, the Local Operations personnel in Sydney, Australia and the INOCC in Amsterdam.

  • The system uses common alarms from all the equipment installed and allows a multitude of monitoring and alarming procedures to be executed.

  • It monitors full air conditioning to maintain a constant ambient temperature of 20 degrees Celsius (plus/minus 2 degrees Celsius) and a relative humidity of 40 - 60% in all areas of the Colocation facility.

  • Water is cooled by Carrier chiller units. These are rotated on a 24hour basis, ensuring equal operating hours on each chiller are maintained. MCI has installed three of these units so in the event of a chiller failure there are two levels of redundancy.

  • Three Carrier chiller units offering a level of redundancy for equipment cooling

  • Equipment rooms are cooled by multiple stand-alone Liebert units, fully redundant and supplied through diverse AC mains.

  • The site is fed by two mains water supply connections. In the event of a failure the diverse supply is manually engaged. If this also fails a 22,000 litres of water is stored on site to maintain building requirements.

  • MCI proactively monitor the air environment in each technical area. Vision Systems VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm) units monitor each room's air supply at three distinct levels – under the false floor, the air supply within the room and at ceiling height. The VESDA system is the earliest possible warning measure in the event of a fire as it monitors the air supply for any carbon particles. In the event of a fire it is detected before full ignition has occurred. Once an alarm is raised the local fire brigade is automatically notified. At the Sydney site the fire station is located within walking distance, only a few blocks away. All VESDA systems are mimicked in the security office for constant monitoring by security personnel. Standard fire detectors are used in office areas.

  • One of the VESDA systems in a technical area

  • Onsite cabling is maintained at MCI's high standards.

  • Examples of cabling within the facility

  • For both the diesel fuel and water supply MCI maintain contracts with multiple suppliers. This mitigates the risk of one vendor not being able to supply fuel or water when MCI require it.

  • For all other services MCI have maintenance agreements so that all aspects of the site are mechanically and electrically serviced in a monthly basis. These agreements include aspects to accommodate emergency events.


  • MCI gives you the confidence that customer investments on-site are being cared for in conditions that ensure optimum performance.

  • MCI facilities are more cost-effective than buying or leasing new premises. Capital investments are saved by not purchasing equipment for environmental control and building management.

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